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Why we care, and why you should too

Anglicare Victoria works with kids and families to create better tomorrows.

We put family and relationships at the heart of everything we do because we believe in the power of family to heal and empower lives.

Real world problems don’t fit neatly into boxes, so we provide broad and flexible solutions.

Your support assists us to work with families to stay together and help kids reach their full potential.

Your Impact

Your donation to Anglicare Victoria will help fund emergency relief services, access to counselling services and programs that support safer homes.

With 93 locations across Victoria, day by day, we’re turning the tables on the causes of poverty, homelessness, and family violence. This is what matters to Anglicare Victoria’s supporters and in return, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re supporting Better Tomorrows.

As a valued supporter, this is our promise to you:

Families back in control: staying together and growing together

Safe places: kids and families in safe and stable homes

Strong young people: support as they develop and grow

Early action: stepping up before families reach crisis

Together we can do something really good


Kids are in our care on any given night.


We help parents to keep families strong, safe and together.


We support survivors of domestic violence, improving their safety, wellbeing and independence.


Our financial counselling and literacy programs bring people back from the brink.


We supported people when they needed it with emergency food, clothing, financial aid and support services.

Help provide ongoing vital support and become a monthly donor today.