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Help foster kids create better tomorrows.

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Your support can be life-changing for kids in foster care.

Foster kids are amongst the most vulnerable in our state.

The majority have experienced significant trauma and instability and have missed out on many of the best parts of childhood, including the vital extra-curricular play and learning that other kids in the community experience each week.

Our incredible foster carers do an amazing job, opening their hearts to provide a loving home for these kids who are unable to live with their families.

But they can’t do it alone.

AV’s trained, accredited foster carers are reimbursed for the basic needs of the kids they look after – but they need your support to provide a truly holistic experience for foster kids.

While some carers are able to pay out of their own pockets for items for the kids they foster, it’s not expected, and many can’t afford to – especially as the cost of living continues to rise.

With your help foster carers can provide access to the same resources and opportunities for development as their peers in the community. Read Ashley’s story to find out how your support can change a foster child’s life.

Support our Better Tomorrows program to give more foster kids important opportunities to build their confidence and self-esteem.

With the support of kind people like you, our Better Tomorrows program helps foster kids engage in vital formative experiences

Better Tomorrows: Fostering a new confidence in Ashley.

Ashley's Story

For Ashley*, 13, the support she received through our Better Tomorrow’s program has been transformative.

Ashley grew up in a turbulent household and frequently witnessed family violence perpetrated by her father towards her mother. She and her mum eventually fled the situation, but to stay safe they moved house often. At 12, Ashley entered foster care when her mother’s mental health meant she could no longer care for her daughter.

Ashley’s upbringing had a huge impact on her confidence and self-esteem. Moving often meant she had few friends and her education was so frequently disrupted, she’d become disengaged at school. 

When Ashley went to live with foster carers Sarah* and Brett*, she was anxious about living in a new neighbourhood and starting a new school. But thanks to the support of people like you, the Better Tomorrows program was there to provide additional support.

Chatting with her Anglicare Victoria Foster Care Case Manager, Ashley mentioned an interest in soccer. With funding from Better Tomorrows, Ashley was provided with uniforms and equipment, and could pay for membership to join a local soccer club.

With a natural aptitude for the game, Ashley soon made friends with several teammates and became an invaluable player on the team. Importantly, the friends she made at the club also went to her new school, easing the transition and helping her re-engage with her education.

With each week Ashley’s confidence on and off the field began to improve. From a girl who’d never had the opportunity to play a sport or join a club, by the end of the year Ashley felt a genuine sense of achievement having developed a strong, supportive bond with her peer group and an impressive set of soccer skills.

*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect privacy


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In a perfect world every child would have the same opportunities.

No child would ever get left behind, and nothing would stop them achieving their full potential.

But life isn’t perfect. And right here in Victoria our most vulnerable kids are falling behind at school, and then, in life. It isn’t OK. It’s far from OK. No one person can change this. But together we have the power to help rewrite their futures.

Our TEACHaR Education Specialists work every day inspiring, supporting and encouraging vulnerable students in primary and secondary school. They help students unlock their unique potential, catch up at school and develop skills that ensure their past does not dictate their future.

Join Team Better Tomorrows, where your monthly gift will help Victoria’s most vulnerable get vital education support giving them the skills and confidence they need to rewrite their futures.


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