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Your Support Can Help Vulnerable Kids Back to School!

As students all over the state start the new school year, it’s distressing to know that children from some of our most vulnerable families might not be amongst them. They’re young people who are disengaged from school and, without vital education support, will never have the opportunity to catch up to their peers and realise their full potential. Children from vulnerable families need timely, effective educational support to help ensure they don’t fall through the cracks and get left behind – for good.

Anglicare Victoria’s tailored education support programs, empowers students to stay in school and have the opportunity for a better future.

 Our Family Wellbeing in Schools program provides holistic education and wellbeing support to enable primary and secondary students and their families to reconnect with learning. Based on campus at each school, the program’s Schools Based Family Workers take the time to really get to know students, their needs and the challenges in their lives. They work with students in-school and at-home, providing highly individualised support and tutoring, along with group activities and programs, that get them excited about school, inspired to continue and reconnected with learning and the school community.

Find out how our programs empower vulnerable students by reading Abbey’s story below.

Abbey’s Story

AV Donations Abbey story

For primary student Abbey, school became harder and harder after the breakdown of her family unit. Abbey was six years old when her father – who struggles with mental health issues – moved interstate.

Abbey remained on the Mornington Peninsula with her loving mother, Kelly, and her older sister, Sarah. But her dad’s absence had a big impact on her. By the time Abbey reached Grade 5 she was struggling socially at school, often absent and when she did attend she was disruptive, moody and argumentative in class.

At home, Kelly tried everything, but found it hard to cope with Abbey’s moods, behaviour and school refusal. Working tirelessly just to make ends meet, Kelly was overwhelmed and stressed about Abbey’s wellbeing, but had nowhere to turn for support or advice.

When Abbey met with Cara*, our schools-based family worker at her school, things began to change for her.

Cara spent time getting to know Abbey, and soon built a trusting rapport with her. Through tutoring sessions, Cara re-ignited Abbey’s interest in learning and organised counselling for Abbey, along with an after-school youth group to help her practise her social skills and self-regulation.

While working with Abbey, Cara regularly met with Kelly and completed activities including emotional coaching, active listening and communication. This helped Kelly understand Abbey better and opened channels for them to express themselves without falling into negative patterns.

Now, Abbey is starting Grade 6 feeling more empowered, more engaged and participating in school more fully than ever before. She’s also become part of a supportive friendship group who are looking forward to enjoying their final year of primary school. At home, Abbey is better able to communicate with her mum, and Kelly is feeling less stressed and better equipped to support Abbey in her learning.

“We are so lucky to have our AV Family Worker helping our little family. She’s a saint. She’s helped turn everything around.” – Kelly*, mum of Abbey*

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