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Invest in a game changing new model for foster care in Victoria

MOCKINGBIRD FAMILY™ Constellation is an evidence-informed model that’s a proven game-changer for foster carers and foster kids.

A MOCKINGBIRD FAMILY™ Constellation brings together six to ten foster carer (and/or kinship carer) families to form a connected local community – similar to an extended family. This group of like-minded people support one another in their care journey.

At the heart of every Constellation is a Hub Home, run by an experienced foster carer. The Hub Home becomes a familiar and comfortable place for everyone in the Constellation. Kids can drop in for visits or a stay with the Hub Home Provider, allowing carers to take a break and recharge.

Supported by the Hub Home provider, everyone in the Constellation can share advice, information and support – as well as social activities – so they never feel alone as they face the joys and challenges of their foster or kinship care experience.

Together we can do something really good


Kids are in our care on any given night.


We help parents to keep families strong, safe and together.


We support survivors of domestic violence, improving their safety, wellbeing and independence.


Our financial counselling and literacy programs bring people back from the brink.


We supported people when they needed it with emergency food, clothing, financial aid and support services.

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