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As a team we can create Better Tomorrows for the most vulnerable kids in Victoria

In a perfect world every child would have the same opportunities. No child would ever get left behind, and nothing would stop them achieving their full potential.

But life isn’t perfect, and right here in Victoria our most vulnerable kids are falling behind at school, and then in life.

They’re young people who’ve experienced more trauma than anyone should. Kids who, without help, will become trapped in the cycle of disadvantage. They’re kids who need you on their team.

When you join Team Better Tomorrows you’ll become part of a compassionate community of people who are helping kids get the vital education support they need to create better futures for themselves.

Your monthly gifts will help provide primary and secondary school students with life-changing educational support and encouragement – including personalised, one-on-one tutoring through our TEACHaR program.

Your ongoing donations will allow us to reach more students and provide them with the educational foundation they need to bridge the gap to their peers and rewrite their futures.

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Brodies’s Story

Unable to live with his parents, Brodie’s been in a series of out of-home care placements from a young age. This caused many disruptions to his schooling, and without a solid educational foundation, he quickly fell far behind classmates.

When he began the TEACHaR program, Brodie was in Grade 4, but our assessments showed that he had the reading skills of a 6-year-old. Additionally, as Brodie wasn’t able to keep up with his peers, he often felt frustrated and anxious, which led to further challenges in the classroom.

Brodie's Story

With the support of Team Better Tomorrows, things turned around for Brodie when he began working with Melissa, one of our TEACHaR Education Specialists.

After just 6 months of one-to-one tutoring with Melissa, Brodie caught up two years of reading, and he’s developed new positivity and confidence.

This has opened the gateway to new friendships and sporting opportunities at school, which in turn makes school a more fun enjoyable place to be.

From a child who almost couldn’t read to a thriving, curious student, Brodie now sees he has the potential to learn and is motivated to continue his outstanding progress.

“Many of the kids we work with have lived through incredible trauma and ongoing instability. If nothing changes their past will dictate their future. If you can, I urge you to join Team Better Tomorrows. It’s the most effective way you can help a young person get genuinely tailored education support so they can develop the skills and confidence they need to create a pathway to a better life.” – Paul McDonald, Chief Executive Officer.

Together we can do something really good

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Your monthly donation will help vulnerable kids rewrite their future.